Merri Creek Blues

Merri Creek Blues


We perch on the creek edge, swingin our feet

And wonder if in the next life, we’ll again meet

The listless North Fitzroy dusk is bittersweet

Down by the haunted Merri Creek

I call my opening gambit the Patient Italian

Freddy’s asleep by the third move

So he gives me One Mulligan

Only a fool has something to prove

The old chessboard won’t stay flat

Resting on the underbrush and weeds

So we fold it up, and shut our eyes

Let’s just here in stillness and breathe

Freddy sighs: I’ve been self medicating again

Sometimes it’s the only thing I can still call me a friend

He soundlessly cries, then goes into his head

I’m finding it so hard to get out of bed

Glossy Melbourne travel brochures hide those scars

It says the Creek’s lovely under the stars

But that mucky brown rivulet has gone too far

It’s gorged itself on stolen cars

Drink The Water! The faded council sign tells us so

You can’t get sick from water that flows

On the glassy surface, moonface does glow

But I can see our sick faces in the undertow

Freddy says: avoid reading Naked Lunch

Posthumous ramblings of an addict are never that fun

I’d rather talk about nothing, I’d rather talk about none

I’d rather put my mouth on the tip of gun

But if heroin chic is still your trick, please try reading Monkey Grip

Read the whole book with an upturned lip

Then he fades away where the dark path dips

And with a smile, he says: Goodnight my dear, my passing ship.

If only the Creek was ever that wide

To sail a kind ship down its violent tide

I’d come back for you again and again

And save you from drowning, my sweet old friend.