Frogs and Pennies

Frogs and Pennies


I met Bobby in an Austin bar

He noticed the Albatross round my neck

He made me pay for everything

Then picked up the waiter’s cheque

Bobby’s smart mouth dripped cigars

Cuban heels clicked on his feet

He played the long con all his life

Syrup words seeped sugarsweet

Lied like he was sucking lollies

Patience has no virtue in deceit

Reptilian gaze politician

His words so lithe and neat

He stayed around for a little while

Then pulled on his ramblin boots n walked away

When I begged him not to leave

He says: Men like me do not stay

You’re a chess piece that my story don’t need

Pawns are there to be sacrificed, and to bleed

So it’s 7 am, and I’m drinking whiskey

To take the edge off my last fistful of phennies

I’ve lost everything I’ve ever owned

Except for this unlucky penny

After a dirt black coffee chaser

My heart races like it’s in love

But my three boyos live in the dirty ground

And there’s no one left above

Morning newspaper column six

Says the whole world is again at war

So why not just be so crazy, Crazy Baby

That you can’t just be ignored

And make sure your contracts

Are always written on white paper

Wanted to drown myself yesterday

But like my taxes, I put it off till later

So I shook hands with Satan

Then kissed him for the road

Sat front row at my own funeral

So even He could hear me goad

Bobby’s long gone

But his tattoo still remains

I cut it from his body

And got it tanned and framed

And even though there’s two sides to every tarnished coin

My coin always lands on the wrong side

Heads I lose, tails l lose

Wanted to be a wife, but was just a one-night bride

My future was written out

On a stained, scrawled-on napkin

I kept picking up old rusty Lincolns

Instead of crisp mint-new Franklins

One got shot, and one got fat

And I’m sprawled in the moonlit gutter

Like a swimming cat

Green, green

The world’s unclean

Drain another swamp hole

Hustle and lean

When a dog dies, the flea don’t miss that dog

Just shuffles on through this world as cold as a frog

Amphibian glare

Psychopathic waiting room

The love sick stop and stare

I finally close my eyes at daybreak

When the morning bird is red

Last time I tried to be happy

I ended up half dead

So with Bobby gone, I’ve gotta move on

So I slither into a Houston bar

With my mouth on a silver gun

And I purr: Hey Music Man,

I wanna make a request

If you can play it tight and play it best

Buddy, I’ll shout you poison tequilas all damn night

And I’ll pour your first tequila in the morning

If you get the words right.