Eve’s Tall Apple Tree

Eve’s Tall Apple Tree


She’s got a smashed up mirror and a battered heart

I smear off her lipstick. She’s falling apart

So we kick off our shoes, and board the midnight train

She crawls all around it, nothing is real

Skulls with no faces eating late meals

Are we dead, or are we just insane?

She runs the long road till her dress starts to rip

Any one of these miles, she’s going to trip

Those fools can’t fool her anymore

She remembers my name. She don’t remember my face

When we dance the Two Step on that late Saturday

She stares into the sun, till the rain began to pour

I told her I cared, then skipped outta town

Dried her crying eyes, then left her to drown

I wrote her love songs, but they were only meant for me

I pushed her dress off her shoulders, it fell sweet and loose

When it settled below her waist, I made her a noose

And I left her hanging from Eve’s tall apple tree

I live with a woman who don’t really appeal

My last woman, she fell dead at the wheel

And the third, well I don’t even remember her name

If lovesongs were card tricks

And if card tricks were lovesongs

You can bet your last ace boy, I’m the King of the Game

I tried to sketch out your cold body

Not realizing my hands had become bloody

So I got down on my knees Lord, and learned. Learned hard how to pray.

I’m sharp in my suit, but in ruins in my mind

I’m far too unwell to worry about my kind

When I knelt down, and fell into the lake