Melbourne Fringe Festival- ‘Heroes: Beyond the Practice.’

September 21, 2017 0



Welcome to your post-apocalyptic nightmare. ‘Heroes: Beyond the Practice’ is as psychologically unsettling as it is hilarious, with more repetitions of the word “Covfefe” than Donald Trump falling asleep with his cheek pressed to the Twitter screen. I had attended the last two years of the always satirically confronting ‘The Practice’, and this incarnation was the most terrifying and the most fun thus far.  I came on my own, and must admit I was nervous and unsure before it begun, but the show is so absurdly amusing and unpredictable, that I emerged transformed.


‘Heroes’ soars well beyond immersive theatre, with the audience actually becoming integral parts of the production, and bonding with each other in an absurdist experience like no other. The format is entirely unique and you never know what to expect next. Writing your own eulogy, begging the tooting traffic of Brunswick for salvation, and dancing to an impromptu doof are some highlights.  Throw your comfortable inner-city inhibitions out the window and surrender to your charismatic cult-leaders. 


The script is whip-smart and jarringly farcical, the brilliantly glib actors unfazed by even the most rogue audience member, and there are more creative uses of an Aldi shopping bag than you can poke Satan’s pointy tail at. There was even unsolicited police and eccentric-random-on the street participation at some point. The show is just as funny and inclusive for first-time attendees, but anyone who has attended the last two years will appreciate the thematic continuity (the Bears of Kindness make a subtle cameo).


If escaping your comfort zone and laughing at your fellow man is your thing, grab a friend (or come alone and make friends!), have a drink or two beforehand to steady your nerves (you also get wine during the show, woohoo!), and go and be indoctrinated into the most entertainingly ridiculous post-revolutionary cult in Melbourne. 

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