December 4, 2016 0



Overcast recollections

Of a summer of freshly mown grass

And northerly-blown Coota-bloody-mongrel wattle

Plastic holly in the door frames, and the Dear Santas

The slapdash glitter and template trees

The smell of paint and powdered milk

Children’s cheeks scrubbed raw, ripe hands offering

Chubby legs stuck to plastic seats

A Mutt of indistinct colour, and a stray Cat

My diminutive childheart fell in love

Their tongues clandestinely lolled over one another;

Two tiny skulls competing for one bowl

The cat’s stomach dragging across the floor

An overripe water bomb impelling six greasy beans

The dog dutifully cleaned the blood and placenta

I have just seen the most beautiful sight!

In a summer when you could see the Seven Sisters in the sky

Overcast recollections

Of interminable rain melting colours and smells

To a sodden colourless confusion

Shapeless and bleached

Trees stripped and skeletal

Autopsy fingers

Green liquid injection given by the jaded vet

Her eyes become glassy. The Cat’s given to God.

Two kittens moonlighting face-down in the pool

Couldn’t cry or swim. The dog, howling for its mate

Found a weakness in the fence and escaped

In a summer when the cicadas harmonised and the dewy grass soothed

I saw the most beautiful sight.


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