About Me

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What is my intrinsic value?

Three of the most profound, expansive and ultimately unanswerable philosophical questions.

To  attempt to address these questions solely using the Theistic approach: The Lord Jebus made me a far better communicator, raconteur, therapist, philosopher, philanthropist and humourist using the humble written word, as compared to  attempting verbal communication.

In fact, most people will attest to me stumbling, stuttering, sounding like a man, going cross-eyed and occasionally drooling when I am forced to communicate using speech; whereas my turn of phrase and ability to evoke emotions via written language is joyfully and intimidatingly peerless.

If you enjoy being entertained, shocked or occasionally bored by the written word so comprehensively that you feel like rethinking your entire existence and wishing you didn’t waste time READING ANOTHER FUCKING ASININE BLOG, please have a look around!